sad now

The good days that I went through is not all on my side. sometimes they are killed instantly happy that I went through. I'm not a perfect. i knew it! errors are often crossed of the day, time and time. you never let me show you how much i love and i need you. but all the thing that i do is just make you fuck me a lot. a lot! I really want to be as you wish. as you say. but there is no power and no passion I can do. because you never give any direction to be all that. every time you just say hurtful fights. without the goodness in our discussions. every word you say, will be a praying for your baby. never think it is good or bad. God only grant only. that you want right? received it. i just cannot do anything. you are encourage me. so you know who i am. pray that there i will always be on your life.